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Apple To Apple

I’ve been looking into getting a new laptop, and I’ve just been doing a little comparison shopping here and there whenever I can and, against my better judgment, I ventured into the Apple store that had just opened at one … Continue reading

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Pen Island

My pen exploded today ruining two pages of minicomic and nearly blinding me, but instead of suffering eye trauma, I just had to clean my glasses! Hooray for astigmatism! Also, my dad called today to inform me that MomCat (now … Continue reading

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Killer App

So the other day I applied for a job doing photo retouching. An older woman applying for the same position leaned in towards me and asked me what Photoshop was, which is kind of a big part of the job. … Continue reading

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Crappy Campers

Seriously, stop camping in the sodding manga. It’s really, really rude. And pocky isn’t delicious, it’s frosted cardboard.

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Kickdrum Butt

It’s always nice to get confessions of this sort. Anonymously. From people who have obviously never seen you in person. And were probably drunk when they wrote said confession. And I have guest comics up over at Rob The Bot … Continue reading

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It Burns Usssss…

I’m most amazed at how I was soaked in sweat and still able to achieve combustion. I’m just full of surprises… or something. I guess.

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This Is A Comic About Dr. Doom’s Ass

MADE FROM THE FINEST COTTON IN LATVERIA. So do you think Doom buys his tunics and the same place Sakura buys her school uniforms? Just a thought…

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