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Avatard: The Last Hairbender

So that’s always a fun thing to see. Poor bastard. btw The Last Airbender is pretty bad lol. I was sort of ambivalent to it after seeing a sneak preview, but the more I thought about it afterward, the less … Continue reading

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Only A Test

Ink test for the mini. I think I’ve still got some work to do. TIME TO NOT SUCK AS MUCH. AWWW YES.

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Bicuspid and Maladjusted Rhyme?

I ended up driving my mom home from dental appointment today. It’s rather funny that they’d play Little Shop of Horrors in a dentist’s office considering Steve Martin’s character in the film… OH OH OH! And here’s some in progress … Continue reading

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Day Of The ‘Dorica

Uhh… so this is a little Doctor Who strip that seemed much funnier when I was working on it at 3 am this morning. This probably isn’t how the season finale’s gonna work out, eh? And in case you don’t … Continue reading

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Dapper As Hell

As some of you who Twitter says are friends with me may know, my Dad had an episode of some sorts on Monday and had to be outfitted with a heart monitor today. I was browsing through the hospital gift … Continue reading

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Well Hung

So it turns out they were just a couple of bullshit bank charges, but still… While putzing around last night in my sketchbook, I started thinking about the Final Fantasy games and all these other RPGs that had these elaborate … Continue reading

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Libraries =/= Daycare

Ughhh I’m sorry for how this strip looks. I’ve been trying to do some things differently and it just came out looking like ass. and here’s secondary character-themed Harry Potter sketch dump…. I dunno.

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