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The Situation

Right, so I’ve put off talking about this as long as possible… I’m moving. In more ways than one. Firstly, I know I haven’t updated in ages and that’s because I’ll be moving my comics to a new site at … Continue reading

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Had around 18 photos the other day where one of the subjects had NO EYES thanks to their glasses reflecting every possible bit of light around them. Also this is mainly me testing out a format for an actual webcomic … Continue reading

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Facebook Ads Strike Again…

Facebook, facebook… I have no desire to purchase a zentai suit. Ever. My new jeans are enough crotch-snugness for me, thank you… unless it was black and white and came with a free trip to New Zealand. Then we can … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable 3 AM realizations that you’ve probably alienated someone you look up to. They kinda suck. Reteaching myself how to draw after not doing anything for like two weeks. Blarghh. Also, drew this on my break at work a little … Continue reading

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TODAY’S COMIC IS FROM ANGEL LORENZANA. He’s like, really gay or something. For me. Go look. ALSO, IT’S “PEON” DARLING. And now… Utter kickassedness from the delightful Annie Stoll… Art from Tim Ferrara, who found out my one of my … Continue reading

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