Today’s strip comes from this awesome dude I know from Deviantart, known only as DALF. He is awesome. But I said that already. Shit.

Also, I set up a sketchblog, which can be found here:

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Today’s guest comic is from the delightfully Canadian Kevin Fraser. Dude’s a freaking great cartoonist and this comic delights the shit out of me. Stupid nazi unicorn octopi…

Kevin also does a weekly webcomic about movies n’ stuff over here as well, so please check that out as well.

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Guest Week Day #1

So here we are. This weeks first guest comic is brought to you by Rembrand LeCompte, who is a fellow TNP’er and quite possibly my current favorite living Belgian cartoonist person.

I got a bunch of entries in and I’m gonna try to get them all posted somehow. Also I’m sorry if a link here doesn’t work. I’m typing this on my phone in a panic while waiting for my laundry to finish.

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Bio(il)logical Clock

So that’s that then. I’ve decided I’m going to put together a small studio-area because the Tezuka-style lapdesk and busted-ass beanbag chair-thing just isn’t working. Sleeping legs are pretty hazardous, it turns out.

So… uhhh… what does you workspace look like, my dear comicfriends? I need ideas. Help me out?


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Dirty Hippie Rapemobile
I saw this today. It seemed Willy Wonka had gone and bought a hippie/pedovan and went on a creepy road trip after leaving the factory to Charlie. Oh well. Also it seems I have…


I’ll be using next week to either get a buffer going on these comics so I can go back to daily updates or work out a plan of some kind since this photo retouching job’s gone and shot everything to hell. That doesn’t mean there won’t be updates though, which is where you, dearest reader, come in…

I’m accepting submissions for a guest strip contest of sorts. Do a fake journal comic about me, submit it, and I’ll pick five for updates Monday to Friday of next week. In addition, I’ll write very nice things about you because I don’t have money to actually give you a prize of any kind. Send you entry to joehuntercomix[AT]gmail[dot]com before… oh let’s say Midnight Sunday night, eastern time? I dunno. Good luck? Or something?

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Fanart for internet friend Tim’s awesome little webcomic, Honey and The Whirlwind. Please to be checking it out here. Awesome stuff’s going down and it’s getting pretty interesting.

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An Accurate Representation…

…of what I do all night at my new job. Not pictured: depression and wanting to claw my eyes out. I came back from SPX all pumped up for comics again and now I can’t do them because I’m working on freelance stuff in the morning and then working from 3 to 1112 every night.

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