The Situation

Right, so I’ve put off talking about this as long as possible…

I’m moving. In more ways than one. Firstly, I know I haven’t updated in ages and that’s because I’ll be moving my comics to a new site at (don’t bother going there because there’s nothing there… yet). I’ve been saving up comics I’ve done for the new site and I’m currently redrawing/rebooting Ships +Dip (aka ‘The Airship Guy minicomic’) for it too.

And I’m moving… well, physically. Again. Earlier this year I moved back in with my parents. As some of you may know, I am a pastor’s kid as my mom is a Lutheran minister. That isn’t the problem though.

Last August, the governing body of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted to allow the ordination of homosexuals in committed, monogamous relationships… and the one church my mom is at (she’s got two, the other one I love dearly. They’re practically family.) went completely fucking APESHIT.

They’ve voted to pull out of the ELCA (the governing church organization) and have not been terribly nice about it. There are forces at work in the situation who are not playing by the rules and the degree of absolute hate in these people for another group of people based on what really isn’t any of their business to begin with is simply astounding to me. They are no more Christian in their attitude and actions than a pack of baptized wolves.

My mom has now resigned from the church and since they own the house we live in, we’ve got to move out. Mom’s taken a second job at a customer support line in order to stay at the other church part-time. I’ve probably said more than I should at this point but it’s been weighing pretty heavily on our whole family and I simply ask that you keep us in our prayers (although if that’s not your thing, thoughts and well wishes are a-okay too).

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