Had around 18 photos the other day where one of the subjects had NO EYES thanks to their glasses reflecting every possible bit of light around them. Also this is mainly me testing out a format for an actual webcomic site, which is coming soon… ish.

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9 Responses to LENS FLARE

  1. Lucas Nolan Synnott says:

    Goddamn I hate editing photos where people are wearing glasses. It gives you like 20 times more work to do

  2. tiph says:

    Second panel expression = priceless.

  3. Anii says:

    Woah awesome!!!! im excited to see it >w<~~!

    btw LUL!! people always forget the first rule of having glasses and getitng thier portrait taken– take out the lens!!

  4. Lynch says:

    Persoally, I love that effect. >=3 Gendo glasses I call them.

  5. Joenis says:

    I’m down with the format. 😀

  6. Joenis says:

    ps. i can’t see your comic from my phone.. there is some mobile mode on that just gives me your site in the most BASIC way. I haven’t been able to comment lately cos I havent been able to see your comic! You should probably fix that buddy. :3

  7. R says:

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    We (I) miss you (your comics). Please come back (if convenient).


    R (again)

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