Uncomfortable 3 AM realizations that you’ve probably alienated someone you look up to. They kinda suck. Reteaching myself how to draw after not doing anything for like two weeks. Blarghh.

Also, drew this on my break at work a little while ago:

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10 Responses to Shit.

  1. Josh says:

    I hate reteaching myself how to draw. Why can’t it be like that bike thing?

  2. Shackled Rage says:

    My 3am realizations go a little like this. “Crap, woke up again, can’t get any sleep, I’ll just try to drift back o- FUCK I HAVE A FIVE PAGE PAPER DUE TODAY!” Followed by much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  3. without the blog post, I like imagining different contexts for the “shit” 🙂

    “shit… that cat’s in the oven”
    “shit… i just shit my pants”
    “shit… i reside inside a computer for the amusement of others!”


  4. Sayward says:

    if you’re talking about me and the time you didn’t post that ms paint picture I made you then yes, totes alienated 😦

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