Bio(il)logical Clock

So that’s that then. I’ve decided I’m going to put together a small studio-area because the Tezuka-style lapdesk and busted-ass beanbag chair-thing just isn’t working. Sleeping legs are pretty hazardous, it turns out.

So… uhhh… what does you workspace look like, my dear comicfriends? I need ideas. Help me out?


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15 Responses to Bio(il)logical Clock

  1. Anii says:

    OMFG im having the same problem!!!!! @____@:;;oommmmggg FML~~~~ OTL

    i have a really really snazzy glass top artist desk (that doubles as a giant light table) that i got super cheap from dick blick art supply online… and its in a corner and i need better light. all i really have is my room and family members keep messing it up T___T;;; i need to move out and get a real studio!!

    so uhhh best i can offer is dickblick has awesome deals on art stuff… and OH! someday i want a cork-board wall so i can pin things up and be all sweet. oh.. an lots and lots of shelves for books and such…

  2. Eric Kubli says:

    I scoot my keyboard back and use the fold-out-legs-card table thing that I have my monitors set up on. Usually half a sketchbook is hanging off the front because it isn’t nearly enough room.

  3. Madeleine says:

    I don’t have a proper desk either. I sit on the edge of my bed and use my nightstand!

    But I’m really lusting for an IKEA desk, even a halfsie!

  4. Rembrand says:

    I converted my living room table into an art desk because it’s got the most light. Computer, scanner, wacom & drawing tools well within reach. Too bad there’s not much room left to actually eat dinner there 😀

  5. Josh! says:
    Alec Longstreth just used a plank of wood he found in the dumpster for a while. That could work! I just got a fold up card table for super cheap, then went to hobby lobby and got a portable fold-up art easel thing for 3o bucks! An inexpensive clamp light with a very bright bulb is clamped to the top of it. Very cheap “studio.”
    However, I would love to have a place to do screen prints, so I totally know what you mean!

    Also, my guest strip entry thing is halfway drawn!

  6. Mr. Edens says:

    I know they don’t have Fred Meyer’s in Ohio, but you could check out like K-mart or Wal-mart or something for one of those really cheap long card tables. Maybe 20 bucks and it has PLENTY of room for all your art peripherals AND it doesn’t take up much space.

  7. desdim says:

    Huh, I used to have a desk that would have been perfect for something like that. It was an office thing, the top looked triangular and was at a perfect angle for drawing. The front lifted up, revealing loads of little shelving compartments for papers and pens. I’ve seen other desks similar, but the top of this one just seemed perfect for drawing while seated (or painting while standing, but not the other way around for some reason). Also, I just sent my amateur submission. Happy trails.

  8. Melony says:

    I rent from my Dad and his house has 4 bedrooms total. All my siblings are gone & married, so its just him and I here. I had to move back home after the economy took a shitter and I couldn’t afford to rent on my own.

    I took over two rooms. One’s my bedroom and the smallest room is my office. I took an old desk I found at the dump, fixed it up, and have it full of supplies with my scanner & printer on it. I took an old dresser that was sitting in the corner gathering dust and use it to hold all my art flat or any craft supplies that are too big for my desk. I bought two $25 bookcases from Big Lots, need to go get a couple more of them. I saved up for three months and finally bought a drafting table from Hobby Lobby. It’s not great but its functioning and I set my laptop on the top corner of the drafting table while I work. Usually have a rotating list of my favorite goth/heavy metal bands playing while I draw.

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