Dirty Hippie Rapemobile

I saw this today. It seemed Willy Wonka had gone and bought a hippie/pedovan and went on a creepy road trip after leaving the factory to Charlie. Oh well. Also it seems I have…


I’ll be using next week to either get a buffer going on these comics so I can go back to daily updates or work out a plan of some kind since this photo retouching job’s gone and shot everything to hell. That doesn’t mean there won’t be updates though, which is where you, dearest reader, come in…

I’m accepting submissions for a guest strip contest of sorts. Do a fake journal comic about me, submit it, and I’ll pick five for updates Monday to Friday of next week. In addition, I’ll write very nice things about you because I don’t have money to actually give you a prize of any kind. Send you entry to joehuntercomix[AT]gmail[dot]com before… oh let’s say Midnight Sunday night, eastern time? I dunno. Good luck? Or something?

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24 Responses to Dirty Hippie Rapemobile

  1. Andrew Kennedy says:

    I might just take you up on your contest there!

  2. MeisterJ says:

    Ooh! Sounds like fun, I think I have an idea you’d like that I drew a few months back, but needs a bit of touching up.

  3. Wendyroo says:

    … Having to prepare a buffer for journal comics doesn’t make sense. ‘Cause, you know – aren’t they supposed to chronicle the things you did that day in particular…?

    And getting guest comics on journal comics is just weird.

    None the less, this won’t stop me from actually drawing one. ‘Cause, you know – it gives me reason to draw you in a kilt. ‘Cause – kilts are awesome.

  4. Garrett Perrella says:

    Might give this a shot for the lulz

  5. allison says:

    Hm. Journal comic, you say? *puts on monocle and top hat* You sir, have yourself a contestant, I say, mmmyes.

  6. Josh! says:

    That’s funny, I was actually thinking about doing a fan comic of yours a few weeks ago as a joke… I can see this being a very interesting week…

  7. desdim says:

    I can tell you’re going to have a very epic, if fictitious, week ahead of you. If I feel motivated around a scanner sometime I might just submit something.

      • desdim says:

        Dear God I am not an artist. Nevertheless, 3 panels down, 2 to go, and it is only after that I’ll decide if it is worth the trouble to find a way to upload this frankenquilt.
        Frankenquilt-n. a discombobulation of parts or pieces seemingly stitched together by sheer abhorrence of the laws of God and man.

  8. Mr. Edens says:

    Count me in. đŸ˜‰

  9. Anii says:

    >D i am ALL overz it!!

    ps– that guy is a creep! but great drawing!

  10. Josh says:


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