Ships + Dip 12

Arrrghh yes, we’re starting a two page flashback. I tried to draw the flashbacky bit differently and it didn’t really work out too well. I’m sorry. I’ve had a positively awful day. Someone apparently took 5 of our kittens sometime last night and I had some trouble finishing this comic in-between crying jags.

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10 Responses to Ships + Dip 12

  1. Andrew Kennedy says:

    I can only imagine…

    Dad: So, son, are you ready!?

    Young Gar: For what?

    Dad: Why, we’re going to go save the world again!

    Young Gar: That’s all you guys talk about!

    Mom: Well, we are saving the world after all.

    Young Gar: … yeah, well, have fun with that. I’m going to go build airships.

    Dad: That’s the spi– wait, what.

  2. Brittany Dye says:

    I’m sorry about the kittens, Joe… :/

  3. Garrett Perrella says:

    Sorry doesn’t quite express what I’m feeling for your situation Joe. It’s not fair to you to have the kittens taken from you, and I really hope they turn up and that whoever took them will pay. My best wishes to you.

  4. Lynch says:

    Huh? Took as in stole? Who would steal kittens? Seriously, wtf? Even I’M not that evil.

  5. Anii says:

    >_> i knew there was something fishy between cloud and vivi……

    but in all seriousness… i like the screentones a super lot esp. the top panel and the bottom shinies!

  6. lauren b says:

    mom and dad have reverse roles………… butchy mom

  7. tiph says:

    I jumped over here from Nerf This, and you have been RSS’d! And dude, someone stole your kittens? Seriously wtf. Stay strong, man. :/

  8. Tara says:

    Sorry about the kittens, Joe :\ that stinks…

    This page looks awesome, and I think I need to use the phrase “grumpytrousers” a whole lot now.

  9. scotticus says:

    taking my pets is a crime punishable by horrid things, I would be so angry, and I’m sorry.

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