On Shopping For Pants:


So… I had the misfortune of going shopping for a new pair of jeans today. I hate shopping for pants because I can never find a pair that are long enough because it’s apparently assumed that a bigger waist means that you’re also a dwarf. On the rare occasion I do find something that’s the right size, they fit like they were cut for an assless eunuch and are tight enough that I can use them for a tourniquet were I to lose a leg or something.

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31 Responses to On Shopping For Pants:

  1. Ben3156 says:

    Oh Man, I hate it too. I went Back to School shopping today and all of the jeans that are just the right size had waistbands 2 or 3 inches too big

  2. KumaZone says:

    Life would be so much better if we just didn’t have to wear pants

  3. Garrett Perrella says:

    Sunday JournalinComix? Fantastic!

    I have similar issue shopping for pants, though, I’m on the opposite side spectrum (such a weird size to find too) and when I find a pair normally I can’t get my thighs to fit into them if they’re anything less than a regular fit. Damn muscular thunder thighs.


  4. CCallahan says:

    If it makes you feel at all better I’m a girl and can’t find pants that aren’t a half-foot too long. Doesn’t matter if it’s petite or what; and I’m not exactly thin or overweight.

    Jeans are too damn comfy to be this ridiculous.

  5. Sayward says:

    my jeans are all too long. even the short leg jeans. also, i always end up with a bunch of extra fabric on the back of my thighs below my butt. apparently my butt should be bigger. oh and im kind of between two sizes. one is too big, but the next one down is too tight. pants. are. so. lame. my best luck is at old navy, but even then i settle for less than ideal.

  6. Anii says:

    yeah jean shopping is a bitch. . . . . .

  7. desdim says:

    Oh, god, jean shopping. Sometimes I think that they should include an inseam measure, because quite frankly the pants with the right waist and length stole the fabric from that section and just sewed it back tight. Generally, I end up getting them a little too long and deal with it/awkward hemming. Although, I now wonder if it would work to just get a larger waist and wear a belt…or suspenders!

  8. Matt says:

    ._. This is why I wear chinos.

  9. Jeff Mazurek says:

    Did you go to Take 2 Apparel again?

    I usually settle for 30×32 or 32×32. But even if you’re the Joe Smith of body sizes, you don’t know what you’ve got until what you’ve bought has been through the washer and dryer.

    I have more trouble with shirts, actually. I buy them and they’re good–perfect, even. Then I wash them and they’re too short. Nobody wants to see my belly-button whenever I stretch … not at work, anyway.

    • Joe says:

      Oh god don’t even get me started on shirts.

      A.) “XL” is not secret code for “large” and B.) They don’t need to be so short on top of that. I’m a dude in my early twenties, not a slutty teenage girl.

  10. Lynch says:

    I can almost never find pants that fit. I’m 160cm and 45kg, so I can find pants that are the right length (usually in the children’s section) but never with the right waist. Always to large in that department. Damn my skeletal figure. Surprisingly enough, the only pants I have ever worn that fit me right off the bat are those damn skinny jeans that those hipsterjerks wear. On one hand, they make me look like a pretentious prick, on the other hand, they make my ass look fantastic.

    • Joe says:

      A conundrum most foul, you have there.

      • Lynch says:

        Oh I know! Skinny pants as a rule can make anyone’s ass look fantastic though, s’long as you aren’t, oh, I don’t know, 100kg overweight. It’s bad enough to know that gothopotami exist, I don’t want to have to look at a hipsterpotamus.

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