Ships + Dip 11


Monday we start in on the mystery of Gar’s parents. Who are they? Why does he resent them so? Will this dumb comic reach a conclusion? FIND OUT NEXT WEEK!! And sorry for the lack of dialogue on this page. I thought I was veering dangerously close to text-walling and the last thing the world needs is another Tim Buckley.

Also got this awesomely sexy fanart from my friend Andrew:

He is awesome and you totally need to click the above picture to visit his DA gallery.

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11 Responses to Ships + Dip 11

  1. Kate Burck says:

    Oooooh loooooord I love Han (solo) at the end there. The delicate mixture of hope and discomfort is palpable. PALPABLE.

  2. Tara says:

    God they are so awkwardly adorable.

    Also, Andrew rocks, that’s awesome!

  3. Garrett Perrella says:

    Sometimes I’m sure Gar would love to kick Han in the teeth, if only for the benefit of self-satisfaction and knocking that smile off his face.

  4. Andrew Kennedy says:

    Oh God, another Andrew. Maybe I won’t have to battle this one Highlander style. That never ends well.

    Anyway, I love Han’s thumbs up at the end.

  5. desdim says:

    Aha, it’s like Han is sending Gar off to school or something, so much nervousness on one end, so much hope and well-wishing on the other.

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