yes, once again, no new comic page. I was stuck in an orientation-thing all day and had yet more paperwork to fill out. I may actually die before I start this job. Urgh. Tomorrow, I promise.

And here’s a dumb little thing I drew for a friend’s birthday:

Adventure Time vs. Scott Pilgrim: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.
And Marceline is totally the 8th Evil Ex.

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27 Responses to THONK

  1. Johan Yortsed says:

    Haha I think thats pretty funny, the whole scott pilgrim vs. adventure time!

  2. Tara says:

    So rad. The fan art not you having to fill out paperwork.


  3. Jake says:

    Awww man, that SP vs AT art’s awesome, brah!


  4. Josh says:

    I totally wanna see that animation.

  5. Shackled Rage says:

    My thonk moments usually go like this. *type type type* *THONK* “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz” Sleep depravation and insomnia, sometimes I don’t get to pick when I go to sleep….

  6. desdim says:

    Aha, work orientation. For me it was fraught with mind numbing videos just barely recent enough to not be cool (like a 1950s video would be) voiced by the most horribly monotone man alive. I managed through this by inserting Tom Brokaw’s voice for everything he said, I could not stop giggling after that, at least not until the CBLs, the training regiment of the devil. However, you now have so much to loook forward to…for example…okay, today I worked for ten hours, with an hour lunch break (which is sweet to have), resulting in my presence at work being from 11am until 10pm. Sound like hell? It was, but it was a very PROFITABLE hell. And really, the money’s what it’s all about, at least after your dreams have dried up like a sticky-hand-on-a-rope.

  7. Joenis says:

    Where’s Ramona? DURPdoucheDURB!

  8. Lynch says:

    Adventure time? That show gives me the creeps sometimes, and ordinarily I’M the one giving people the creeps. Also, I have a friend who absolutely channels the Magic Man.

  9. DadaHyena says:

    The cartoonist’s life is a grand one, aye?

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