No new comic today because I’ve been filling out paperwork for my new job all evening and my eyes feel like they’re going to fall out of my damn head. So instead I colored up this doodle of my current Pokemon lineup in SoulSilver. Hardly a decent replacement, I know, but I guess it’s better than nothing. So here we have:

Ted (Heracross), Dresden (Typhlosion), Ferrovax (Dragonite), Bowie (Jolteon), Montressor (Honchkrow), and Mouse (Arcanine).

About two years ago, I attempted to do something for National Novel Writing Month. I crapped out after three chapters. Anyway, these are the two main characters from the story I was writing called Dead Man’s Party. No I don’t remember what their names were. I think the girl’s name was Enid? But I was marathoning the complete discography of Oingo Boingo last night and suddenly remembered these guys when “Dead Man’s Party” played. Urgh.

New comic tomorrow. I promise. One day I’ll get in a full week of updates…

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35 Responses to MiniDump

  1. Tara says:

    Oh you and your pokemon. You and Paul and your pokemon.

    anyways, looking forward to a comic tomorrow!

  2. Kate Burck says:

    Oh god that derpie heracross. Such magics.

  3. Andrew Kennedy says:

    Huh, that’s a pretty cool line up you got there!

    And Dead Man’s Party, just by that name and picture, seems pretty interesting. Maybe you should go back to it someday.

    • Joe says:

      I’m thinking I’m gonna redo the first chapter or two as a minicomic at some point.

      • Andrew Kennedy says:

        Sounds good.

        Old ideas sometimes can be the best ones with a little more thought.

        • Joe says:


          the only problem is that most of the humor in it came from the narration and I’d have to figure out how to translate that into a comic…

          • Andrew Kennedy says:

            You could go all H2G2 on it… leave the plot and characters the same but minor details, especially the jokes, change to better fit the media your working with. Adams did this with every version of Hitchhiker’s… I guess the real problem is figuring what you really should keep and what can be morphed…

  4. Anii says:

    I have my own secret method of bending spoons!!!!!!!!

    bwahahahahaa i LOVE pokemon >_> just like… not enuff to cosplay a girafararg

  5. Anii says:

    ps – im sitting here in my room on the bed with kings and he just made me scroll back up to see the pokemon and he says “Bowie (Jolteon)… thats awesome”

  6. Shackled Rage says:

    How sad is it that as soon as I see your line up I automatically think of the easiest fastest way to beat all your pokemon with the least amount of pokemon required…… Then have the answer in seconds?

  7. Johan Yortsed says:

    I think Arcanine has the most epic name by far!

  8. desdim says:

    Two fire types? There has to be some TM/HM usage going on here. The worst part for me is that I have used Ted, Mouse, Bowie, and Montressor as well, so much for my originality. My favorite nickname was given to a Shedinja in Ruby or Sapphire, the ghost/bug type. It was either Motoko or Kusanagi, named after the Major from Ghost in the Shell. It’s a shame he couldn’t make the final cut (even with his epic Wonder Guard). Oh, and I really like how you drew ol’ Arcanine.

    • Joe says:

      I just taught Thunder Punch to Dresden and Mouse has Thunder Fang and Iron Tail.

      And clever name-work on the Shedinja.

      • desdim says:

        I used to spend WAY too much time trying to come up with clever nicknames, especially using fitting references. At least one of them always ended up being a Ralph or some random regular name…

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