Ships + Dip 9

Oh Han, again, with the hook-ups? You need a hobby, dude. Like seriously. It’s starting to creep a bit. Now if you’ll all excuse me, I have a printer to do battle with. It seems to not be registering the new ink cartridges I inserted and I am going to kick this damn thing in it’s metaphorical balls.

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8 Responses to Ships + Dip 9

  1. Andrew Kennedy says:

    … a guy I know does crap like this to me all the time. He just finds a chick he knows I’m more then a little friendly with and does stuff like that. It’s VERY irritating.

    And teach that printer who’s boss!

    • Joe says:

      Your friend tries to hook you up with WOMEN!? What a perfectly horrid little man he must be.

      • Andrew Kennedy says:

        Oh no no no.

        Not like you’re thinking. I wish it was like that… buuut…

        He tries to make it as awkward as humanly possible. Seriously, I think he should get paid to set up those ‘fake dates’ on T.V. shows.

        It’s like it’s his personal hobby or something.

  2. Jeff Mazurek says:

    I really like the bottom left panel in this one. I can’t explain why I like it most of all, I just do. You’ll have to live with that, buddy.

    Also: printers should have a little plastic part that flips out, labeled “testicles.” It’s only reason for existence would be for frustrated customers to slam it shut as hard as they could, to relieve stress. It could be kind of like a “worry spoon” that way.

  3. I did a double take on the first read. I thought Joe’d gone and shaved his beard/put on drag and was talking to himself 😦

  4. Anii says:

    @____@ “lunches”! omg she is soo sooooo cute!!!!

    >3> again with more fantastic toning and super cute cloud poofs!!! you’re on an awesome roll, dude!!

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