Ships + Dip 8

HELL YES POCKET DIMENSIONS! How will this work out? How does one create a pocket dimension? Thank god I’ve got the weekend to work this part out.

Also, I drew this:

I found this orchestral arrangement of “Poker Face” today and thought it sounded like a ridiculous boss theme from a Final Fantasy game…

And that’s when this happened. I am so sorry.

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31 Responses to Ships + Dip 8

  1. Andrew Kennedy says:


    Really. And that music does sound like a ‘Penultimate-Boss-That-Will-Make-You-Cry’ tune.

  2. Anii says:

    XD omg brills!! the little cloud is cuuute! and the gaga FF boss is super accurate if not cooler than gaga herself. >_>;; she gets kinda old… lol.~

  3. Kate Burck says:


    Also, this gaga fanart/bosstheme combo is tru facts. You know she would be an absolute bitch and a half to beat.

    • Joe says:

      I made up a moveset for her and everything…

      • Kate Burck says:

        What’s her tell for when you’re about to beat her? I feel like her vagina would glow or something. Cause she’s like that…

      • Andrew Kennedy says:

        I’m sure she gets her own Limit Break. It’d be something like sealing the party into a dark, dank dimension of utter hopelessness and being forced to listen to horrible music.

        Kinda like Anima’s Overdrive except with less punching and more Nickelback covers.

        • Joe says:

          God I was just IMing with a friend about this:

          Monster: Physical Attack; Basically a claw swipe
          Bad Romance: Heavy fire-based damage
          LoveGame: Confusion
          Telephone: Mute: No magic
          Poker Face: Heal; Remove status ailments
          Limit Break- Dance In The Dark: Basically what you just described

  4. desdim says:

    Black Mage, White Mage, Red Mage, Blue Mage, Time Mage, and now the less combat oriented and more enterprising Space Mage. I love that you actually went with a pocket dimension, and you have to give it up for Han and his ever manipulative advice. I bet he used to host Matchmaker. And it’s nice to see Gaga has progressed from supervillain to final boss (ref. to earlier comic blog). However, I cannot help but think there is a secret boss in some cave somewhere thet is…well, something vestigial.

  5. Shackled Rage says:

    Magic and steam punk working together and not clashing? Nice. It really does sound like boss music….. If it was lady gaga though it might be some type of cop out of a boss, like the one undead boss in ff9. Cast life or use a phoenix down, bam.

  6. Lynch says:

    You could do it multiple ways. You could grab a section of the Astral Plane, fold it into the right shape, then (metaphysicaly) staple the edges of the entrance of this folded space to the inside of the ship. Of course, then you’ed run the risk off the whole thing imploding fantasticly the moment someone brings a portable hole or bag of holding on board. Subsequently expeling everyone and everything inside and relatively near the ship into the airless void of the Astral Plane. Or, you could do the same thing with any section of the Prime (our/their world)… although, then, if someone built a house over the spot you jacked space from, it could cause all kinds of spatial anomoly nonsense, a la House of Leaves. Or you could just build a mini-plane from scratch and establish a permanent gateway from the ship to the pocket plane. Very difficult to do that though. Also, you run the risk of the portal falling under the dominion of Her Serenity, Our Lady of Pain (may She ever ignore us and turn her attention to other fools).

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