Ships + Dip 7

Gar done screwed up. If only there were some way to make it bigger on the inside…

This page turned into a weird metajoke. The representations of airships in RPG overworld maps were almost always the same size as your character, and so it’s sort of weird to think that your whole party could fit up in there. I dunno.

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21 Responses to Ships + Dip 7

  1. Garrett Perrella says:

    “It’s bigger on the inside!” Fantastic work sir

  2. Josh says:

    I’m enjoying the minicomic so far! Wooo! How long are you going to keep it up?

  3. Andrew Kennedy says:

    “The Midwind.”

    I think I’ve found the name for my band.

    Anyway, another good job.

  4. Leo says:

    What would the Lowwind (Low-wind? Lowind?) be like?

  5. Kate Burck says:


    just πŸ˜€

    Oh an Han (solo)’s a dick. ❀

  6. Marcus says:

    Obv hatch is portal to a pocket universe.
    That’s why there’s even space for a shop inside …

  7. desdim says:

    Ahaha, yes, the overworld maps. I suppose the fact that you were as large as your airship wasn’t nearly as troubling as the fact that you were also about half the size of a mountain. *Outraged parental figure (she has no actual children) answering questions at a PTA meeting: “Now do you see how video games cause obesity? They encourage being overweight, pairing gargantuan characters with heroism and supernatural powers! And do you know how they level up? Through grinding ! Like a meatball grinder ! I know nothing about video games! Now, to answer your question, Mrs. Genericparent, it’s down the hall and to your left. Have a nice crap.”

  8. Anii says:

    best. page. yet!

    expression and layout and awesome toning and OMG that airship is so cute! it looks like a little watergun XD

  9. Lynch says:

    Well, the cheaper solution is simply to subcontract a wizard and have him/her simply extra-dimanesionalize the interior… Actually. Wait. Hmmm. Well, I just did the math and to do that would cost about 925gp. So I suppose it depends on how much it would cost to completely rebuild the hull by hand, to determine which is cheaper.

      • Lynch says:

        Actually, I forgot that you’d need to Permanency the spell I was thinking about. So, that would run you 12950gp. Plus the first spell is 13875gp. And all of that works on the assumption, if the spell levels for those two are different, that one wizard can Permanency the spell of another wizard. If that assumption is wrong, then it would be even more expensive. All things considered, he’s better off starting from scratch and simply selling of the one-seater to whoever wants it.

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