Ships + Dip 6

Oh Han, you magnificent bastard. I love writing you so much. So yes, tomorrow we finally get to see an airship get built! Will it rock or will I totally suck at drawing mechanical stuff again? TUNE IN TOMORROW!!

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12 Responses to Ships + Dip 6

  1. thenoirguy says:

    I am liking the composition and layout so far. And for some reason it seems the entire comic is drawing me to Han’s gloriously bald head in panel 4.

  2. Johan Yortsed says:

    Oooo its like a tv show, except better!

  3. Andrew Kennedy says:

    I wish someone would tell me how many pages its been since I was supposed to start working. That would’ve made high school much easier.

  4. Jeff Mazurek says:

    Havent’ checked in with your blog in awhile (my apologies). The top panel of this reminds me of how much time men spend looking at women’s backsides.

    Even Solid Snake stared.

    Having someone tell you how many pages its been since you were supposed to start working is your boss telling you that break time has been over with for two whole minutes. It’s healthy but it’s no fun.

  5. Anii says:


    xD classic

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