Ships + Dip 4

I realized yesterday that I made a completely retarded pun by having two friends named Han and Gar get involved with aeronautics. Hangar? Get it? Ugh. Anyway, who is Mfawnwy? Why does her name strike fear into Gar’s cranky little heart? What’s the deal with Gar’s parents? FIND OUT MONDAY!!


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13 Responses to Ships + Dip 4

  1. thenoirguy says:

    Is his last name Solo by any chance? Also, really like the comic so far!

  2. Anii says:

    >_> they are secretly in love…. ….!!! thats why.. hes dreading it…maybe…. hmm.

    but anywhooo i luff this vintage photo tween the hangar boys… so cute n full oh character!! I like the tone use inside. it gives kinda of a warm light glow. its tno too much or too little- just right 😀 goooooood job!!

    • Joe says:

      Yes, Gar’s got a huge crush on Mfawnwy… who I should probably get figured out this weekend.

      Ahahahaha and yeah I wanted to do something interesting with the younger versions of the guys so I sort of had them swap hair… which is super lame in retrospect…

  3. Andrew Kennedy says:

    “Oh God, is this another fate-of-the-world-thing?”

    Heheh. I actually said something like that to a friend once, joking of course… and somehow, 5 minutes later, we were talking about how what she ate for the next week may decide the fate of the world. And I fought monsters with a baseball bat.

    Anyway… I really like this little mini so far! Keep it up!

  4. desdim says:

    I’m really liking this mini, and I too find it bizarre how one world is constantly in utter peril again and again when there aren’t even nukes. Perhaps one of the papers in the land should publish a Doomsday Clock equivalent to better prepare the citizens for any imminent magical catastrophe.

  5. Shackled Rage says:

    Air ships are needed for all the fate of the world things. I mean, not EVERYONE can afford a moon base you know? So where else are they going to have epic battles?

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