Ships + Dip 3

Page 3! New character! Name for the protagonist! Excitement! Stuff will start happening tomorrow, I promise.

And a quick poll: Do the screentones add anything for you or should I ditch them altogether. They’re not really hard to do but are they detracting from the comic at all?

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22 Responses to Ships + Dip 3

  1. CCallahan says:

    I like the screen-tones. I do think it boils down to personal taste though.

  2. Mr. Edens says:

    I definitely like that they serve as your shading and lighting for portions of the art itself. So I don’t really thing it detracts from anything. If you weren’t using it, I would still like to see more depth using some sort of shading/lighting techniques anyway. Screen tones do look cool and works well in black and white books.

  3. tomwiener says:

    Screen tones look good.
    Need to work on some text kerning though! LVL. looks like “L VL” and START looks like “ST ART”. Gotta watch out for some of those fonts.

  4. Garrett Perrella says:

    Tones are grand. Enjoying the coworker interaction, kinda sounds like life at my job.

  5. Anii says:

    eee this is lovely!! han is so cute!!! i *love* goggles on dudes too so gar gets lots of points for both memorable name and awesome goggles. i really like your pen work on this. and honsetly i *like* the screen tones as long as they don’t get *too* crazy and take over. so far your tones are nice and they add to the image, rather than try to steal the spotlight. i like when artists use screen tones as the light and shadow, rather than fill for a color.

    I’m trying to think of anything by way of critiq…i guess the only thing that slighly irks me is the kerning… >_> “L VL” looks off.. and its a bit hard to read the super bitmapped type. if you’re doing your type in photoshop, try bitmap fonts with the option “none” or “crisp”- that might make it less blurred. and if you want to be SUPER nit-picky… then maybe the leading needs to be opened up just a slight bit in the dialogue boxes. >_> just… a hair… *typography otaku pose*

    but otherwise fantastic job so far. it really has a kind of aviation-ishy vibe so far and i think its really hard to acieve a really great atmosphere… and you’re doing it.. so KUDOS! I think it’s a lot to do with that inky cloud.. it really takes me places ^__^V

  6. Remi says:

    I like the screen tones, although the intro panel for Han is a little busy with the two gradient screens fading in the same direction.

  7. Leo says:

    I like the tones. But I don’t think you need another person to tell you that at this point.

  8. Johan Yortsed says:

    I say yay on the screen tones. They add to the whole feel of the thing and their kool!

    • Joe says:

      ahahaha thank you. I’m still messing around to see what looks good so this whole comic is like the most boring adventure ever.

      • Johan Yortsed says:

        Well on occasion boring can be epic. Like watching a rock roll down a hill. Or the static on the tv! Sometimes ghosts pop out and eat you!

  9. thenoirguy says:

    I enjoy the titles of the characters as though they’re all leveling up in a game. Very cool.

    • Joe says:

      that’s part of the joke. it’s sort of riffing on FF and all these other JRPGs that have airships scattered about like so much candy at a parade.

  10. Kate Burck says:

    i like the word areonauticals :’D

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