Ships + Dip 2

Here’s page 2 then. Went back and fixed a few things that were bugging me on yesterday’s post too. Backgrounds are nowhere close to being my specialty so I hope this is looking alright so far. ARRGH.

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11 Responses to Ships + Dip 2

  1. Kate Burck says:

    I like so far.
    That’s incredibly fast showering.

  2. Tara says:

    Backgrounds are rad–they are simple and that is what works in your comic. If they were uber-dee-duber realistic it would look really funny so I like the simplistic houses. I like all your sketchy lines. Keep it up, dude.

    I actually commented on the page before about the pixel font, and it looks worlds better in this one–you’ll have to read what I wrote. Anyway, you are on track, this looks good. Are you only going to do a few pages of this and save the rest for print? or are you just going to publish the whole thing here? If you do the latter and plan on printing, maybe add bonus sketches or something in addition to the pages.

    Hell, I’ll certainly buy it.

  3. Rinthia says:

    Love your comic, hope you have good luck!

  4. Shackled Rage says:

    I always like seeing stories about airships, sucks I’ve only read a handful of books with them. Showering fast with short hair is no problem, the longer it grows effectively lengthens the time you need. Now showering WELL….that takes time.

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