Ships + Dip, page 1

First page of my new minicomic. It’s a heartwarming* look into the lives of the people who build the airships that the heroes of almost every RPG ever seem to eventually end up tooling around the overworld in. I’ve got the first 5 pages mapped out and here’s to hopefully finishing the damn thing.

*your mileage may vary

This comic’s first five pages also have the special distinction of being thumbnailed to this.

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24 Responses to Ships + Dip, page 1

  1. allison says:

    Also, nice screen tones.

  2. Anii says:

    Ah! this is fantastic! I really can’t wait for your series to unfold!! I also really dig the turnip lamp. xD i want one!

  3. Anii says:

    I think the tone work is especially fancy and neat.

  4. Garrett Perrella says:

    Not the best way to start the day, being late for work…

    loving the tones, though you’ve heard that tones already.

  5. Angela says:

    Love your screentones! They look so clean and natural. Can’t wait to see more!

  6. Mr. Edens says:

    Tones are great, and I’ve been loving your texturing for awhile now.


    I would thicken the word bubble outline a point or so, it’ll better match your thick panel borders.

    Also, consider off-setting your bottom two panels from each other, throwing a tad bit of asymmetry into the page.


    [ ]
    [ ]

    Maybe something like that or overlap them; they’re not as wide as the top panel so it seems awkward. That or just enlarge them to match the top.

    If you did intentially do that, maybe still off centering them might help the panels a bit.

    I am excited to see more, I remember when you posted the thumbnail for this awhile back. Nicely done sir.

  7. Remi says:

    Yes!!!!! Very much looking forward to more of this.

  8. Hooray! Very excited to see what happens c:

  9. Tara says:

    Awesome!! The only thing that made my eyes bug out was the explaining that the alarm was going off for 45 minutes–I love the font but it looks like there is no spacing in between some of the words–I’m thinking it’s a font problem and not a ‘you’ problem because I vaguely remember using said font and having a problem like that.

    Either way, love it and I love the newness of it–the panel fixer. Awesome!!

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