Kinda Hate Myself…

Is this a dumb thing to get upset over? It felt like I turned in my fugitive best friend because I needed the bounty on his head to save my farm or something.

tl;dr- I am a sentimental idiot.

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26 Responses to Kinda Hate Myself…

  1. jedwardedens says:

    Hehe, I’ve felt guilty for selling “gifts” I’ve received before. Think we’ve all been there before.

  2. MissDye says:

    That’s not dumb at all…I have an overly sentimental mind-set, so I can sympathize. I actually have a large plastic tub in my closet full of knick-knacks I’ve been given or picked up over the years that I can’t bring myself to get rid of. This tub includes everything from plastic lockets from grade school to all of the Aladdin kid’s meal toys I’ve accumulated over my lifetime. THAT is sad.

  3. Tara says:

    I wish I had your will power, that’s why I have so much crap in my room that needs to be packed. Come over and just pitch everything to the curb, please.

    Seriously though, I’d feel guilty too, but think about it this way, you sold them so that other young folk get to read them and enjoy them as much as you did! (or moreso).

  4. Kate Burck says:

    It’s ok. You guys can still hang out at the library.
    Books are an odd thing. Even though you only red them once or twice you still are happy to own them and put them where people see them. They become glorified space-taker-uppers.

    what is tl;dr?

  5. Anii says:


    no more twist.

  6. Lynch says:

    There will always be two books I never sell. >_> My copy of the Tanakh, and… Errr, Umm… I am a Bunny, by, um… Richard Scarry. >_<

    • Joe says:

      I spared Goodnight Moon and Corduroy…

    • CCallahan says:

      I loved ‘I am a Bunny’! I even freaked my grandmother out when I was like 3 because I had made my parents read it so many times I memorized it. When I sat down and started “reading” it to her she had a nervous breakdown!

      On a sad note, my copy was too beat up to keep :[

  7. Shackled Rage says:

    I’ve never read more than two books more than once cover to cover. So I wouldn’t feel bad about it, I only get my books from the library now. One of the ones I’ve read more than once is a horror/comedy I can recommend if you need something to pick you up.

  8. Jackie says:

    I’ve caught myself buying books that I’ve sold off before. It’s like they’re forever destined to be in my library, just not all at the same time.

    I usually sell and buy my books from Half Price Books , so I guess you could say I pawn them? Everything I sell is probably going to be there again when I’m in a comfortable financial situation, so I only feel bad for a little while XD

  9. desdim says:

    This reminds me of my last birthday present, a bookshelf taller than myself.

    It’s already full :{( *

    *The user expressly denies possession of an actual mustache. The use of a mustachioed emoticon is purely intended for comedic purposes only and is in no way an attempt to mislead the general public. People who are offended by this misuse should consult with a doctor as this may be an indicator of mental distress, extreme psychosis, erectile dysfunction, appendicitis, or even death. This emoticon is not for everyone.

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