Killer App

So the other day I applied for a job doing photo retouching. An older woman applying for the same position leaned in towards me and asked me what Photoshop was, which is kind of a big part of the job.


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28 Responses to Killer App

  1. Tara says:

    So I take you it you were filling out the application at the place you were applying to? Otherwise that would be kind of nuts if someone next to you was randomly filling out the same application. :p

    Yeahhhh that is kind of bad that she doesn’t know what photoshop is, looks like you might have this job in the bag.

  2. Scooterhayes says:

    If that lady gets the job over you, that is such a crime against humanity…

    The human race will officially have NO HOPE.

  3. Kate Burck says:

    That woman looks terrifying and soul-less.

  4. Lucas Nolan Synnott says:

    I hope you told her that the popular store “Photo Shop” was just down the street and she should go ask them to explain themselves

  5. jedwardedens says:

    Why in the world would someone think they could “touch-up” photos if they had no idea what the hell that entails?!

  6. L. Nichols says:

    Wow. Just…. wow.

    I read some article a while back about some people being too stupid to even know they’re stupid.

  7. Oh. my. gosh. That is an *epic* fail!

  8. scotticus says:

    Sadly, many of those places that require photo retouching don’t even use photoshop, it’s some terrible software that adds terrible backgrounds and “automatically” fixes things. Which the answer to everyone using it is “I’m going to len’s flare the fuck out of this.”

    • Joe says:

      hahahaha well they asked for someone with photoshop experience, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that’s not the case. Good god that sounds horrific…

  9. Maggie says:

    Sounds like my Grandma.
    Good luck!

  10. Sayward says:

    it’s sad that someone older is having a hard time finding a job. i always feel so bad when i see older people greeting at walmart, etc. i hope you get the job, and i hope she finds something too.

  11. Anii says:

    she was probably old school and did it with those old retouching pens. (i have some of them and they are ANCIENT!)

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