Crappy Campers

Seriously, stop camping in the sodding manga. It’s really, really rude. And pocky isn’t delicious, it’s frosted cardboard.

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34 Responses to Crappy Campers

  1. Kate Burck says:

    I do a bit of camping in front of the graphic novels/comics. And I always feel Fucking. Superior. About it.

    i once had some hazelnut and almond pocky…

    it really was delicious. :<

  2. jedwardedens says:

    Oh Joe…they only like it ’cause it’s “Japanese”! Wow!!!

  3. glueberrypie says:

    I know. I wish some of my friends would stop spending their money on pocky so they could just get themselves stuck in Japan. I don’t know how many of those dirty sticks until they have to eat until they notice it’s fuckin’ gross.

  4. thenoirguy says:

    I think you’re missing the point that anything covered in chocolate is delicious.

    And also, I don’t mind camping as long as they’re not sitting right in front of the section I’m trying to look at.

  5. Steven H. says:

    I want to punch those type of kids in the face. Though saying their anime sucks and will never compare the the stuff from the 70’s and 80’s will have to do.

  6. chikuntefs says:

    Ugh. When they start talking about how they eat the cheap dried ramen because it’s “what the Japanese do” I WANT TO HIT THEM. Maybe it’s the poor, starving student side of me coming out. Who knows.

    …ACTUAL ramen is awesome. I wish I had some. :C

  7. Lynch says:

    I know precisely the kind of people you’re talking about. And I do so loathe them. Having been to Japan, I can honestly say, it is one of the cleanest, orderliest most convenient countries on Earth, service is excellent and the trains run on time, no exceptions. On the other hand, I can also honestly say that the Japanese are, and this is a generalized statement, a great lot of alcoholic, misogynistic, homophobic, racist bigots who won’t hesitate to say nasty thing about you behind your back the moment it’s turned. Also, anime is, as a rule, bad art. It’s production art, for the love of G-d! Cheap, quick, easily producible consumer art for the filthy unwashed mass- Errr. Right, cutting tirade short now.

  8. Shackled Rage says:

    I don’t even bother looking at manga in stores anymore, I just get it online, and the stories are always farther along than what you find in stores. Best of all its all free, looks great, and a lot to choose from. Except now I have a manga addiction, probably reading 30 different ones at once now…. just always waiting for updates each week. I’ve never had pocky before though, I saw it in the store but a tiny little box for around four dollars was too steep for chocolate covered snacks, at least for one that size.

  9. Maggie says:

    I confess, I enjoy anime. I even eat pocky, but not the shit pocky they sell at borders. Tiramasu pocky is almost as good as Oreos, in my opinion.

  10. desdim says:

    Y’know, if they didn’t buy the shitty pocky maybe they’d have enough money to buy the fuckin’ manga and read it at home or in a chair or on someone else’s floor (Mr. Barnes and Mr. Noble work hard to keep those floors clean). Although I must say I have admittedly hit on lone girls hanging out there with the hopes of common interest, but no “luck” so far. Perhaps I should just outright solicit them with the promise of genuine yaoi.

  11. Joenis says:

    Someone came up to my booth at Comic Con doing this… I really wasn’t sure how to take it. I sort of just avoided eye contact. lol

  12. Anii says:

    XD OMG!!!! i HATE THIS TOO!!! >_> f*cking Otaku ruin everything!!!!! like i LOVE love lOVE anime… but b/c of people like this i get a bad rep >_<;;; guuuuh~

    anywhoo good job capturing the otaku camper essence. the only thing missing is that i didnt shower in 2 days otaku smell

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