It Burns Usssss…

I’m most amazed at how I was soaked in sweat and still able to achieve combustion. I’m just full of surprises… or something. I guess.

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26 Responses to It Burns Usssss…

  1. Rembrand says:

    Combustible sweat? Have you been eating a lot of seafood? Maybe you should sue BP.

  2. Jackie says:

    Combusting while being soaked in sweat only drives home the fact that it was SO HOT TODAY OH GOD D:

  3. Marie says:


  4. TheSovereignRule says:

    for a few, painful moments, you were the human torch.

  5. Anii says:

    @__@ it sure was muggy. i like your spontaneous combusted skeleton~

  6. scotticus says:

    when it’s over 100 degrees i throw my pride out the window.

  7. Lynch says:

    OH G-D. THE HEAT. You can’t even complain mister! You have no idea what it’s like doing yard work at one in the afternoon on a hot July day in SUNNYFUCKINGCALIFORNIA.


    • Joe says:

      God isn’t a profanity…?

    • Joe says:

      wait, are you Jewish?

      • Matt says:

        The only bit of god forbidden to jewish people is attempting to pronounce/say his name as its written in hebrew. Which, by the way, isn’t easy to do << /hastried

        Also, heat sucks. Being dragged on family vacation to places hot and humid? Makes it suck more :<

        • Joe says:

          You mean Yahweh?


          • Lynch says:

            Yes, I am. >_> Ahem. But as it stands it’s standard practice when writing not to fully write out G-d unless it’s in a religious context. Also, it’s not so much that we’re not allowed to pronounce the Tetragrammaton, so much as we’re not allowed to pronounce it incorrectly. Unfortunately, we forgot how, much to our eternal embarresment. Originaly, written Hebrew had no vowels, so you just had to remember them by practicing them. However, the priests who were the only people who new how to pronounce the Ineffable Name basicly all died out some time after the destruction of the Second Temple. So whenever YHWH appears in print it’s standard practice to pronounce it as Adonai (Lord, the Lord) instead.

  8. Jeff Mazurek says:

    Remember, it’s only news if it happens in New York.

    Hot in the midwest for a month straight? Not a peep. But someone’s candle melts on the mantle of their chic Manhattan studio, and you hear about it for 3 days.

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