I do enjoy video games but it’s getting to the point where it’s a bit like my TV is being held hostage. Criminy. Also, I’m very pleased with my tones on this one. Yay me!!

And a hearty hello to any of you who may be dropping in from L.A.W.L.S.

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  1. Matt says:

    I know how you feel, at this exact moment, because my eyes are itching from staying up too long and I feel like ive been watching some stupid thing for forever and thats how they got this way.

  2. Really? I sat through hours of that game (both as the player and as an observer) and totally dug it. Sure, it fell apart at the end and Rockstar still has no idea why you, the player, ever actually needs money in their games, but I got over a week out of it 🙂

  3. call2m3 says:

    You’re not alone. I have two younger brother who both play Red Dead Redemption and something with Nazi Zombies in it all the time. I don’t watch much tv but I no longer even have the option to while on break.

  4. rockinghorsedreams says:

    Brilliant. I’m a chronic watcher of other people playing video games (can’t play FPS’s, I have Iraq flashbacks [PTSD damn you!]), but this is so true. It’s nice to an extant…and then it’s die time. That left panel is one of the greatest things I’ve seen drawn in a long time. Simple, but conveys everything thing it needs to. Well played sir. It shall print and hang it up in my sty of the cube farm.

  5. Lynch says:

    And this is why I only play PC games. Well, okay, this is ONE of several reasons why I only play PC games.

    @call2m3: Nazi Zombies? My guess is some itteration or another of the infamous Castle Wolfenstein. Probably Return to Castle Wolfenstein. In no other game will you find more whacky Nazi super-science, whacky Nazi leather-chicks, and whacky Nazi occult-horror. Those whacky Nazis…

  6. Anii says:

    yup. my friends have been known to do this too. only its usually final fantasy or something more annoying

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