I got into Scott Pilgrim in my senior year of high school, at about the time volume 3 came out and have been positively nuts over the series since then. I’ve never really gotten anxious over book releases but this was a rare exception and it was a wonderful ending to something that been sort of an influence on my crappy art ever since.

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  1. Tara says:

    Awesome, awesome. Get on aim so I can blab at you about it.

  2. Garrett Perrella says:

    Current SP6 situation: Got the last one in all of NoVA. Got friend hooked, have him reading v1-5. Meaghan want’s me dead. Crying like geekbitch.

    Casual Sex.

  3. Kate Burck says:



  4. Lynch says:

    Scott Pilgrim? You know, I think I actually read the first volume online. Then couldn’t find mention of it ever again. So that must have been quite some time ago. Then again, I remember being distinctly unimpressed with it at the time. Although, all things considered, maybe I should give it a second chance since it has apparently been (months? years?) a while since I read any of it.

    And Now For Something Comepletely Different.

    Do you wear glasses only for reading? Or do you wear contacts most of the time, or… ? I merely ask because my sight is bad enough that I can’t go without glasses, and the concept of putting something in my eyes does not precisely appeal to me.

    • Joe says:

      totally give it another go. things get pretty good around vol. 3.

      I wear glasses all the time but I can’t draw them for crap. As evidenced here.

  5. Mr. Edens says:

    Still haven’t picked up the new book…got distracted at lunch today, so didn’t make it out to B&N or anything. Will try tomorrow to snag it.

  6. Rembrand says:

    +10 for Nerdglasses
    I’m naming all my children Kim Stephen Wallace Scott Ramona Pine Stills Wells Pilgrim.
    Every. One. Of. Them.

  7. Matt says:

    :< I ordered all 6 Scott Pilgrims but they didnt ship till late yesterday and are still in Jersey I think. Sad me is sad.

    I never owned the books before, just read them.

  8. Jim says:

    Hey Joe, I just caught up and read the last few days. Sorry about Derp. And then I am sorry for bringing it up. But I wanted to send my condolences.

    2ndly, You shouldn’t ever worry about what you’re doing. I think you provide one of the most unique comic experiences out there. There is soo much fluff to filter through, and all that self published junk isn’t that great. Keep doing what you’re doing. The cream always rises.

    Keep up the good work… I should get around to reading Scott Pilgrim one of these days.

  9. Anii says:

    @__@ i had to scroll fast so i dont read spoilers! haaa. my boyo is super into scott pilgrim… he said i could read his copies, soooo hopefully that’s soon b/c im already out of the loop xD;

    ps– nice drawing of digital clock.

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