Bored Of Dreams

I have these stupid dreams all the time and I usually stop panicking after a minute and from there just get impatient with how long it’s taking. Is that weird?

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20 Responses to Bored Of Dreams

  1. Jonathan W. Sodt says:

    Back when I was a kid, I learned how to turn all falling dreams into flying dreams, which were rad. Too rad to keep having, apparently, because my brain has stopped serving them up.

    Now it’s all boring social shit. No more monsters, flying, breathing fire on bullies, or shooting lasers out of my index fingers to fight off the deamons of the world.

    • Joe says:

      …you can do that? Shit.

      • nixonagnew says:

        You can train yourself to control your dreams. It’s called lucid dreaming.
        I, like Jonathan, also trained myself to turn my falling into flying. What I do in my dreams to fly is I start kicking my feet really fast like I’m swimming. That’s how I fly in my dreams. By swimming through the air- but faster.

  2. TheSovereignRule says:

    Weird, in my falling dreams a Green Lantern ring (or sometimes a blue) comes and save me, then i fight a monster, maybe your sub conscience is just a dick?

  3. Lynch says:

    I had chronic nightmares as a kid. Still do, infact. Except, I do this wierd lucid dream thing where I’m aware it’s a nightmare, and it stops being MY nightmare, and instead, I either become this wierd nightmare monster and go about terrorising dream people, or I become an invisible disimbodied nightmare god and manipulate the enviroment/do magic to achieve more or less the same ends- terrorising dream people. Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually crossing into other people’s dreams and giving THEM nightmares instead. Which would explain why nightmares seem to be run by malelovent jerks with twisted senses of humor…

  4. Anii says:

    @_@ it is annoying! but i’m never asleep when it happens.. i just feel like i am falling but im only half asleep and i know im asleep and falling and i contintue to do so @__@;;; eeerrppp

  5. Jeff Mazurek says:

    I’ve never had the ‘falling’ dream. High up and dangerously moving about (and afraid to fall), yes. Whenever I’m having something that resembles a nightmare, some part of my brain recognizes it as such, and I’ll wake myself out of it. There will be a moment when I’m physically falling apart or going through something socially humiliating, and my brain will relay, “This is ridiculous.” It’s like a fail-safe code for stopping those kinds of narratives.

    Unfortunately, this also happens with very-sexy-scenario dreams.

    The last dream I had that had a mark of boyhood mayhem was one in which I impaled “Joey” from Full House on a pointy fence. I think I did it because he was being mean. Maybe I had Alanis Morissette on the brain.

    Either way, it was great.

  6. Kate Burck says:

    Wow. Reading this comic, and then the following comments, I realized my dreams are pretty much boring, even though I’m nearly always lucid dreaming.

  7. desdim says:

    I often become too self-aware in my dreams, because it screws up the, I dunno, “movie vibe”. The worst part is when this happens as I’m reading something in my dream, at first the words are seemingly read off the page and then I realize there are no actual words on the page and everything I previously read aloud was gibberish. That, and occasionally if there’s a TV in my dream (usually one of the boring ones) I’ll think I’m watching Reservoir Dogs or something, but the images on the actual(imagined) TV are of Scooby-Doo or Terminator or Cowboy Bebop.

    But to answer your query, yeah, I’ve gotten bored falling in dreams (as well as in the third or fourth go-through of most recurring dreams)

  8. Caleb says:

    I’ve had “multiple lives” in my dreams since long before I ever played a videogame – if I was getting chased and got caught, I’d just go through the dream again and do it differently, over and over. I’d only get bored when I realized I was dreaming.

  9. W.H. Millionaire says:

    The REAL fun begins when you wake up as you roll off the bed mid-falling dream.

    Once did that from the top of one of those triple deck bunk beds. Just enough time for the ‘HOLY SHIT I’M ACTUALLY FALLING’ to kick in.

    That said I have really surreal nightmares. Like that one XKCD comic where he said that when he realized it was a dream a girl told him not to wake up because she didn’t want to die. I have dreams like that, and then she starts crying as the alarm goes off. Then I try to go back to sleep and can’t. I can’t help but feel I failed her….

    I can also apparently talk to people I know in their sleep. This doesn’t come up often because most people i know can’t remember their dreams well.

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