It Returns

Oh hey Repetitive Stress Injury, you’re back. Great. Spent most of today in HORRIBLE SEARING PAAAAIIINNN and slipping in and out of a Scottish accent at various times throughout the day. Shit was so cash that I need to go take some more ibuprofen and locate my wrist brace.

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18 Responses to It Returns

  1. call2m3 says:

    For what it’s worth, the braces I wear snowboarding do wonders for carpal-tunnel. Perhaps they’d work wonders for your injury too? If you’re even in the market for a new brace that is.

  2. glueberrypie says:

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one who accidentally speaks in random accents.

  3. Kate Burck says:

    I dunno if it actually helps but I’m a fan of slathering Vix Vapor Rub on my wrist and hand muscles. Even if it doesn’t really work at least the smell makes me happy. 😀
    I’ve also been seriously considering a pair of these:
    I think they sell a knockoff at Joann’s you can probably just flip inside out.
    I hope it gets better. Wrist pain blows.

  4. Lynch says:

    People have told me I speak in an english accent. >_> Which makes no sense at all since I grew up in California. Then again, my parents both use Midwestern (the same accent the talking heads on the news speak), and I grew up on a healthy diet of British television, which might explain why I sound like I’m using Recieved Pronunciation to other people. Accents are WIERD.

    • Joe says:

      Man tell me about it. I was raised on British tv and people generally think I’ve spent time in England anyway, but there was this one time I was doing the Scottish accent just out with some friends and this great big burly dude FROM SCOTLAND comes up and tells me how “foakkin deLAIGHted” he is to meet a fellow Scottsman…

      Which isn’t totally untrue since I’m of Scottish decent, but hey.

      • Lynch says:

        Wot? Really? I mean, wow… I’d never believe that I could pass my accent off as REAL RP infront of an actuall Briton. Frankly, I’m certain I’d sound just as much like an American to them as any other American (read: British-English folk tend to think all Americans sound like Texans. u_u;;). I think that my situation is kind of like… I need a good analogy for this…

        Alright. Imagine that Midwestern English (a.k.a., General American) is like a glass of water. Even if water has it’s own chemical taste, culturally we associate it with being tasteless. Similarly, Midwestern is seen as ‘accentless’ even though it is, in fact, an accent. Now, imagine that Recieved Pronunciation (The King’s/Queen’s English) is like lemon concentrate. Drop even a tiny bit of the lemon concentrate into a glass of water, and what is a person who views water as tastless going to say it tastes like? Why, lemons, of course! Similarly, if one uses even a pinch of RP in their otherwise all-American Midwestern, your typical American is only going to pick up on RP. However, the English (who apparently eat lemon concentrate for breakfast) are going to pick up on the taste of water right off the bat, and the RP (read, my RP) probably sounds like a cheap imitation to them. I think. Who knows, I may actually have a passable English accent.

        ….. My god. Did I just right all that? Did that even make SENSE?

  5. Anii says:

    @_@ yowza! feel better dude~~!

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