This hasn’t been a good day. RIP little buddy.

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16 Responses to Fuck

  1. Garrett says:

    I’m sorry bro, God rest his little soul.

  2. scottie says:

    That’s terrible, I’m really sorry to hear about that.

    (I will make all cars my enemy)

  3. glueberrypie says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that.

    I’ll give the finger extra hard next time I see an asshole bad driver. =\

  4. Kate Burck says:

    My dog died yesterday, feel your pain Joe. ❤

  5. Rembrand says:

    Dangit, sad to hear man. Fuck cars.

  6. Sayward says:

    saddest news ever. seriously.

  7. TheSovereignRule says:

    Fuck man, hope your okay

  8. Jonathan W. Sodt says:

    In my life, it’s always the pets with the coolest names that get the shortest stick. It’s not fair or right.

  9. call2m3 says:

    I’m sorry man :[


  10. My dog died last week as well.

    So sorry for your loss ❤

  11. Anii says:

    T___T i’m so sorry!!! i miss my cat so much… so i know how hard it is and how hard it can be. *pats*

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