So Ronery

And now, according to his publicist it seems that he won’t be headed to North Korea after all. It seems the people there are suffering enough as it is.

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13 Responses to So Ronery

  1. Garrett Perrella says:

    Brian Lee O’Malley, hockey, and a few real musical acts are the only Canadian products that I believe should be allowed to leave Canada.

  2. glueberrypie says:

    That silly wanna be lesbian.

  3. KumaZone says:

    What is the world’s obsession with this kid even, I don’t get it
    Did you know that someone thought they say him drinking at a bar, but it turn out it was just some lesbian lady?

  4. Anii says:

    Kim would probably like to have the Bebz stay… and .. never leave. Cuz’ that’s how Fearless Leader rolls….

    anywhoo xD LUL luv the background on this. SO north korea!

  5. thezombiegal says:

    What is the beaver kid?

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