Well Hung

So it turns out they were just a couple of bullshit bank charges, but still…

While putzing around last night in my sketchbook, I started thinking about the Final Fantasy games and all these other RPGs that had these elaborate fantasy settings and out of fucking nowhere, they have airships.

Where do these things come from? Who builds this shit? So I decided I’m going to do a minicomic about an airship engineer… yeah I dunno either. I’m losing my mind, aren’t I?

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18 Responses to Well Hung

  1. allison says:

    Do it. It sounds like an awesome idea.

  2. Steven H. says:

    I would read the hell out of that minicomic.

  3. Tara says:

    Sounds good to me! I’d definitely read it!

    • Joe says:


      I’ve got this whole stupid little story in my head that this guy’s parents saved the world at some point and they gave him a ridiculous weather-related name and groomed him to be a big hero and he went and rebelled by getting a PhD in aeronautics.

  4. Anii says:

    OMG!! you Muuusssst! an uhh he hasta have a chocobo named fred… or sommit ^___^- kekekekekeeee~~~! I love this dodle you did! it’s very epic!

    pps- sorry about your bank misfortunes. !__!; if anyone ever did that to me they’d feel equally crappy b/c i have no funds…

  5. Caleb says:

    Ooh… I’d not only read it, but probably recommend it to my friends! I’m pretty sure you’ll make it stupendous.

  6. scotticus says:

    Quote I remember myself saying last year regarding my bank account was this (to my now ex-girlfriend)
    “Hey, good news is that I bought 4 iphones, bad news is that they were shipped to China.”

  7. Kelly says:

    Umm… they actually do explain the airships in final fantasy. They explain them in ff9. Cid (Who is regent of Lindblum) has a crazy obsession with flying and he uses the mist that makes the monsters appear to power his ships until his wife turns him into an oglop… So yeah… Engineers in ff9 build the airships. There’s like a ton of them running around.

    Oh wait, I forgot. No one has ever played ff9, so only losers like me know this…

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