On Spec Work


An AWARD you say? Gosh I’m sure my student loan company will accept that as a payment for sure!

This sort of thing is what’s referred to as “speculative work”, and it is, as a friend of mine put it, “a crock of shit”. Really what they’re saying in these cases is “I don’t actually value your skills enough to pay you. NOW DRAW BITCH!” It’s a bullshit practice and I can’t figure out for the life of me why people continue to think it’s okay.

And yes, the one ad I saw today did describe working for free as “noble”. I wish I had made that up.

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16 Responses to On Spec Work

  1. Garrett Perrella says:

    Fucking twats

  2. thenoirguy says:

    At least it’s not one of your close friends who thinks you can just “photoshop” it all.

  3. Mr. Edens says:

    Oh god…”Spec work”. It’s funny Joe, at Bradford, O’Malley pawned me off to this lunatic who also wanted a children’s book illustrated for technically free. She even wanted me to figure out the contract for “if” the book made money I’d get 50% of everything…but that’s a big “if” if you’re doing like 10+ pages or more. Plus all the development of the book. FUCK that!

    I was gonna do it at first, but the lady was calling me every day and eventually I backed out.

  4. Anii says:

    Spec work and the abundance of people who expect it are killing the industry and not to mention making it very hard for me to find a good job LOL. @_@ On spec people should be ashamed of themselves… generally they are people who have NO idea about art other than that their niece can do it pretty fast and so why can’t you! Also they tend to think that doing art is way easier & we artists just poop out good art, unlike hard working mathematicians. Plus no matter what you do they want you to make thier logo bigger and dwarf your drawing xD;; ha

    *and* in my EXP. t-shirt people & children’s bookers have been the most notorious. @__@; /end rant hehehe

    • Joe says:

      You’ve basically expressed my feeling more eloquently than I can at this moment. Thank you.

    • Mr. Edens says:

      You know what’s worse than people on the low end trying to get spec work, but when actual agencies and studios request spec work in their plan to bid the work out to several designers and then PICK one of the. I think that makes me sick…more sick than the idiots that just don’t know what they’re doing and request crazy favors from people. Newsflash! It’s STILL WORK, EVEN IF IT CAN BE FUN!

      • Anii says:

        Yeah EXACTLY. I got *royally* screwed by something along those lines. And they justify it to you by saying “well it’s a portfolio piece”*with lots and lots of shinies and angels singing*. And it’s like… and how am I going to eat dinner or pay my student loans??

  5. Mr. Edens says:

    P.S. Joe, thanks for the plug bud. 😉

  6. Jim says:

    I love the line “it might even win some awards if you’re good enough” haha.

  7. chaos_isnt_here says:

    It’s good not being an art slut…..

    I’m so poor. But my ambition doesn’t care~! 😀

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