The Origin Of Loathe

I dunno, something about the way the stood there just seemed rather posed and a bit forced. I was actually looking around to see if there was someone photographing them. Is this really the case or am I just screwed up?

On a lighter note: I had the best Chicken Shawarma ever today.

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23 Responses to The Origin Of Loathe

  1. nixonagnew says:

    Not ALL love is like that. In fact, no love is like that. Twits pretending to experience real feeling think that’s what love is, and act like that. But that’s not what love is or what love is becoming.

  2. Jonathan W. Sodt says:

    Once, not long ago, I walked through a flock of goths. They all froze in place, in tense, dramatic poses and remained silent until I had passed. They might have been LARPing, but you never know. One couple had their backs to each other, another couple had their heads together, and the rest were scattered about the front lawn of the house. And it was so, so creepy in a completely rediculous way.

    I wanted to go all Bugs Bunny on them.

  3. Tara says:

    That’s really creepy. I can’t say that Paul and I have been victims of such strange behavior…maybe it’s some kind of sickness–and the only symptom is dramatically grasping onto the nearest person…

  4. Josh says:

    That’s twilight love. “I wish I could love you, but I can’t! It’s so hard!”

    Btw, did your cartoon self get a haircut?

  5. Al says:

    I think you’re misreading the weird in this situation. I’m confidant I’d be more concerned that they had no eyes.

  6. Anii says:

    hipster love is so ironic its not even love.

    but really… i think real true lasting love is so rare that very few people will ever even have the chance to experience it, much less act/build a life on it. a lot of people are just dancing though life in a charade and then they settle. > _ <;;;

  7. Mr. Edens says:

    Probably depends on their age. I vaguely remember doing similar shit when I was with this girl about age 19. Seemed ridiculous. I think even some old lady commented to us about it being “spring time” or something. Weird shit happens at that age.

  8. Sneak says:

    sadly, it’s how most people act when they’re in love and young. i think it’s mostly how they act just to show the world that they have someone else in their lives that can dramatically hug them.

  9. Luna says:

    I get told that I “pose” all the time. My boyfriend says I constantly settle myself into “those girly poses from cartoons and anime you know?” Personally, I think it’s just that there are certain poses or mannerisms that people actually do quite often in real life, but they get portrayed so often in manga/art/cartoons/posters that our brains kind of associate them with being “unreal” or something. It could go the other way too. Maybe there are poses and actions we see so often in pop culture that we sort of absorb them into real life. I don’t necessarily think it means you’re being disingenuous or fake, just that you’ve been brought up in a very media centered culture.

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