Walky Talky Man?

Uhhh…. yeah. I tend to narrate what I’m doing if I’m alone. I offer no excuse.

And apparently I’ve become “a go-to guy for colouring in Scott Pilgrim art” on DA as a total stranger asked me if I’d color this. Hrrrmmm… oh well.

Sad Fact: I own the shirt Stephen Stills is wearing. I wore it today in fact.

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10 Responses to Walky Talky Man?

  1. Joenis says:

    Dont’cha hate that?

    nice coloring btw.

  2. Jonathan W. Sodt says:

    I berate myself. Sometimes in a bad Scottish accent. I try not to do so when anyone else is aroond.

  3. Lee says:

    I talk to and answer myself, although, it’s in different voices and sometimes I end up arguing with myself in the minivan on the freeway. Usually about missing an exit and/or leaving the toilet seat up.

  4. Anii says:

    XD that’s rad

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