A person I watch on DA did this and I thought it seemed like a good opportunity to look at what exactly inspires me and see if I can’t wiggle my way out of this stupid rut I’m in.

row #1:
That damn paper texture I always use
-The Scott Pilgrim series- blah, blah, blah Hipster Bullshit. Lovely art and overall fun read
Wonderfalls– Short-lived Fox series with some of my favorite writing ever. Bryan Fuller is a genius.
Shotaro Ishinomori– I freaking love his character designs. LOVE>
-Doctor Who

row #2
-Three screentones I use. Constantly.
CLAMP– brilliant color useage and design work. Shame Tsubasa Chronicle was such a bloody mess.
Natsume Ono– Awesomely un-manga-looking manga.
-Green Lantern- One day I hope to have sufficient willpower to complete something

row #3
Nextwave– My re-entry into comics after a long dark period spent reading godawful shonen manga exclusively. Holy. Shit.
-I enjoy the manga this image is from (I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow), but mainly I like the color and benday dot useage.
JP Ahonen– Finnish illustrator who makes pretty comics I can’t read. I like the scratchiness. It’s gritty looking but feels really light and fun.
This Bastard– he killed Rue McClanahan and I greatly admire his coloring and texture use.
Osamu Tezuka– There would be no manga without this man. He’s not referred to as a “god” for nothing.
-Roy Lichtenstein– LOL HALFTONE

row #4
Skottie Young– aaaaaaaaghhh everything is so rough-looking but my god it works so well.
Kevin Fraser– a friend of mine. He draws totally badass journal comics and looks good doing it.
Scary Go Round/Bad Machinery– I would kill several boxes-worth of puppies for John Allison’s comedic timing.
Juan Doe– sexy retro comic art.
The Legend of Zelda comic from Nintendo Power– More Shotaro Ishinomori, it was technically the first manga I ever purchased. The collected volume I had was killed when my parents’ basement flooded and I have no idea if it’s even available in print any more 8[
Miyazaki– It’s freaking Hayao Miyazaki. Must I explain this one?

row #5
Doublenaut– I am totally gay for their graphic design stuff
FreakingArG– Another friend of mine. His stuff is simple but awesome and I hate him for it.
Johnny Wander– Impossibly cute webcomic with my favorite screentone work ever.
Yet another friend of mine. Mike’s writing is some of my favortie ever.
Terry. Motherfucking. Pratchett.
Dianna Wynne Jones, possibly my favorite author ever.

row #6
Sparkster, the first video game I ever received. Arrrghhh I drew nothing but this little guy for months when I was 6.
The Monkey Island series– funny as hell and great art.
Honey and Clover– my girly-manga guilty pleasure with art that I’m inexplicably drawn to.
Betty White influences me because Betty White is a goddamn survivor

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  1. Dan says:

    Ah, this is cool. Also this confirms we’re basically 85% the same person.

  2. Anii says:

    i love this! : ) really awesome & eclectic taste.

  3. donut says:

    i really like this meme and wish everyone would fill it out

    it is so cool to see people’s influences in such detail. usually people list like two things and call it quits. BUT NO. THIRTY-SIX CREATIVE HAPPY PLACES. amazing.

    you gots some good taste ❤

  4. Sayward says:


  5. scotticus says:

    I AM a bastard D: (but still completely honored to be included in this list, I’d gladly say the same for you, sir)

  6. Gavin says:

    Your specific Doctor (Doctor Who #1) shows me you have good taste sir. very good.

    carry on

  7. deborahatherton says:

    This is pretty amazing. Question: did it actually inspire you? It looks pretty inspiring to me.

  8. Brittany Dye says:

    I still have that Legend of Zelda manga…it sits in a place of honor by my bed, along with my copy of Howl’s Moving Castle. It made me extremely happy to see that you put that…and I felt delightfully geeky for recognizing it instantly.

  9. Dan says:

    i may have expected jim butcher to make an apperance

    • Joe says:

      I do enjoy The Dresden Files immensely, but it’s not something that went into forming me as an (and I use the term super loosely) artist.

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