Mrs. Bigglesworth?

So Momcat seems to be losing her hair in a few places? I think it might be an allergic reaction to the flea collar I put on her but I don’t know. She’s missing hair on top of her head and her neck where the collar sat, so I’m hoping that’s all it is.

I hope it stops though, hairless cats are fucking hideous.

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14 Responses to Mrs. Bigglesworth?

  1. jedwardedens says:

    Does the cat go out? Could be getting in fights.

  2. allison says:


  3. Tara says:

    That’s kind of an odd place to lose hair…but as long as she’s fine otherwise I’m sure she’s fine 🙂

    She’s just going through the stages of life, right now she’s losing her hair…

  4. Remi says:

    Flea collars can be very damaging to cats. Also, they’re not effective at killing fleas, which often group around the cat’s butt. Use a topical or oral medication.

  5. thezombiegal says:

    I would use Advantage. Our cats got fleas once in one house and then again in another house and the meds worked awesome, and there’s a lot of discount places online for them 🙂 All you do is squeeze a little bit of the med on the neck or another place (with fur) and then you let the meds do the work good luck 🙂

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