Print Shops- Always Chaotic Evil


Had a hell of a day trying to get my prints run off. Dropped them off at Kinkos yesterday thinking they’d be done and ready to send off the next day.

I get there this afternoon and lo and behold, they’ve managed to completely screw it up. Their printer evidently didn’t have the ink cartridges or whatever lined up right and so everything looked like it could be in 3D.

Except it’s wasn’t. Arrgrh.

Daleks with mustaches: The Classiest beings in the universe.

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9 Responses to Print Shops- Always Chaotic Evil

  1. nixonagnew says:

    Did Kinko’s give you a discount or at least offer to re-print them free of charge?

  2. Steven H. says:

    I absolutely love the mustachioed Dalek. Copious amounts of want.

  3. Joenis says:

    OH GOD, this is why i now print from home. I got prints done from a local print shop.. there were fucking STREAKS in my work.. they lady looked at it and said “it doesn’t look bad” RIGHT, DOESN’T LOOK BAD.. THEY LOOK FUCKING FANTASTICALLY UNSELLABLE IN MY CLOSEST COS OF YOU AND YOUR “IT DOESN’T LOOK BAD”-BITCHNESS.

  4. Anii says:

    @__@ kinkos is the worst place on the planet!!!!!

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