Door Hinge

…And that was my big revelation on Wednesday. Isn’t that just lovely?

Always carry an umbrella. I dunno…?
Trying new things out.

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15 Responses to Door Hinge

  1. donut says:

    i like the background on umbrella :3

  2. nixonagnew says:

    Yea. I dig the umbrella chick.

  3. Garrett Perrella says:

    I remember the door hinge tweet from yesterday, loving your expression in the comic. Umbrella is gorgeous

  4. Kate Burck says:

    I shudder every time I see this. Seriously. The revelation that something more or less rhymes with orange is making me tweak out.

  5. Joenis says:

    lol wow, i would have NEVER thought of that!

  6. Mr. Edens says:

    Make a youtube video about how orange ryhmes with ‘door hinge’…YOU’LL BE A SENSATION! I don’t think I would have thought of that…ever! I tip my hat to you sir! Also, great work on the umbrella girl…love it.

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  8. scarter says:

    Technically it is only a ‘half-rhyme’, unfortunately.

    Let me take you back to 1997, with The Curse of Monkey Island where they illustrate this point most amusingly:

    Wikipedia on orange rhyming:

    I like you comic though.

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