I Hate Babies

The video in question.

Now isn’t that the creepiest thing you’ve ever had the misfortune of laying eyes upon? It’s a bit like something you’d bludgeon to death with a crowbar while playing Silent Hill. Sleep well, friends.

And the store is now open! I have prints! Buy one!


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11 Responses to I Hate Babies

  1. Wrae Ann says:

    Holy shit I hated that video so much.

    When I first saw it, everyone was saying how cute she was. Meanwhile, I felt like I might vomit. D:

  2. jedwardedens says:

    There’s nothing “cute” about that what-so-ever. Videos about kittens are cute, but not videos about semi-(or apparently)retarded dumpy little babies squishing around like a fucking overweight squid on land.

  3. Garrett Perrella says:

    I have refused to watch this video thus far since you’ve posted the comic, and I don’t intend to any time soon. The screencap shows enough..

    • Joe says:

      You sir, are incredibly lucky and will live a much better life having not seen it.

      • Leo says:

        Suppose I will follow that guy’s advice then.

        God, once I had to make a bus ad where the client wanted to put a picture of their baby in the damn thing. It was for car ACs. What do babies even have to do with air conditioning?

        It was an ugly baby, too.

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