Creepy Thrift Store Books


I’ve always been sort of freaked out by angel statues and Doctor Who hasn’t really helped matters. Really seeing this book in Goodwill wouldn’t have been quite as creepy if it weren’t for that whole “That which holds the image of an angel itself becomes an angel”-thing from the last few episodes. Stephen Moffat is a sick bastard.

IN OTHER NEWS: I was talking about prints yesterday to raise money for SPX and I came up with these. Whaddya think?

They’re 8.5×11 and I’m thinking they’ll run about $12 with shipping. Would anyone be interested in purchasing one, once they’re like… done?

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8 Responses to Creepy Thrift Store Books

  1. Josh says:

    Is that a murderous chocobo? I told them inbreeding was a bad idea!

  2. Jeff Mazurek says:

    I can see the trailer now: “‘They blew up the chickenman in Philly last night / they blew up his house, too’ … but now, he’s come back. And he’s not clucking around.”

    Once I have a talk with my wife about how her paypal account works, I’m gonna have to order one of these.

    Oh: and I posted about seeing the Iron Man 2 film at a drive-in. It’s more of a ‘Joe Hunter’ kind of post than most of them have been. And: thanks for telling me that Tartakovsky storyboarded some of that film. It provided a good critical filter to watch the movie with.

    • Joe says:

      Really? Holy crap thank you! I check your blog every evening to see if it’s updated, but I don’t always comment because I feel like I don’t have anything relevant to add and your massive intellect is honestly a bit intimidating.

      “Critical filter”?

  3. cynthia says:

    that episode of Dr Who is simultaneously my most and least favorite! most because it’s brilliant but least because it scares the bloody daylights out of me!

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