But Not Quite…

Guest comic I done did for Scott over here and featuring special guest Joenis Norac as “the scary man in the tiny yellow hat”.

Fixed a few things that were bugging me from the original and now I feel like an ass for handing over an inferior product. Ugh. So not quite a JOURNALIN but it’s sorta close-ish? Maybe?

And I’m working on business cards to possibly hand out with a minicomic or something at SPX in September. Thoughts?

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18 Responses to But Not Quite…

  1. tehzombiegal says:

    Dude comic was great!

  2. James says:

    I like the blue one! Also, great work on the guest comic. (man, reading all these comics makes me want to really spend the time to get better with my tablet and do something similar…)

  3. Tara says:


    Love the business cards, too!

  4. gotigreblog says:

    Fancy cards Joe, but you should have a starker contrast between red ‘n purple (just my opinion). Sure enough, these’ll prove: You’re A Damn Spiffy Gentleman.

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