Today Was A Good Day

YES! I was actually in the vicinity of “confident” today! I drew things I didn’t totally hate! It was awesome!

Also, this is a chav.
Now imagine that falling forwards onto asphalt. Doesn’t that just fill you with joy? Why he was in Ohio, I can only guess but I think he fell through one of those cracks in the universe I hear they’re having issues with in England.

And here’s some process junk from THE BOOK. No I don’t have an explanation for the sketch on the bottom left. And no it isn’t part of the actual story.

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16 Responses to Today Was A Good Day

  1. gotigreblog says:

    You should get that looked at, I hear cautious optimism is on of the key causes of happiness.

  2. Tara says:

    freaking awesome… on all accounts. BOOK LOOKS SO GOOD.

  3. melwes says:

    STILL AWESOME FOR THE THIRD TIME. Makes me want to watch Mock the Week for some reason… BUT THERE’S NO FRANKIE. IT’S NOT THE SAME WITHOUT FRANKIE. D:

  4. jedwardedens says:

    See what Ice Cube has to say…

  5. Garrett Perrella says:

    also, NOT!Ben looks uber creepy, and I can already hear the tone he’s speaking in on that little page you’ve got posted

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