Fail Comic Book Day

For those of you who don’t know, Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, a day devised by the major comic publishers to try and entice new readers into the wonderful world of comics by giving out special issues for… well, free. So why is it that the first store I went to on this wonderful day was charging 75 cents for these books, which are supposed to be free?

lol i dunno. Ended up getting Iron Man/Thor, The Tick, Atomic Robo, Oni Free-For -All, and what I’m pretty sure was the slightly-damaged, last unclaimed copy of Free Scott Pilgrim in existence from the few other stores I hit.

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9 Responses to Fail Comic Book Day

  1. OH SHIT. Free Tick and Scott Pilgrim? Score! I didn’t get anything worth my time, except a couple bookmarks and Vertigo pins.

  2. Gavin says:

    It’s weird to see how different each store treats FCBD. The 3 I visited ranged from ‘2 books only’, 5 books only (unless you buy additional things) and the last store, which had the most titles was offering all you could carry…

    • Joe says:

      Yeah, all the stores I hit had like a two book limit unless you bought something. Which I can understand perfectly, but dammit to hell, at least they didn’t charge. What the hell?

  3. Paul says:

    That’s pretty ballsy of this comic store. They should be blacklisted!

  4. Kate Burck says:

    That is some seriously offensive shit. The FCBD people should put a hit out on that store.
    Hey I took atomic robo! I got a hellboy the golden army tha I thought would be awful but actually has amaaaaazing art. I wish I’d seen the Oni free for all. My shop had a 3 book limit but they also had a raffle and I somehow ended up with 2 signed issues of Mouse Guard.

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