Rambling Man

Sooo… ummm… yeah. That’s that then… D8
Coincidentally, I have a guest art up over here, so please check that out as well. Please? I love yooooooou~

And a friendly reminder: I TOTALLY HAVE A FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! Please “like” me. I need friends.

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6 Responses to Rambling Man

  1. Caleb says:

    I would describe it that way, and it would definitely be a compliment. Perhaps I’d phrase it “insane hobo-ish ramblings of what intuition tells me is a very sane, nice guy who is probably much more sanitary in real life than he looks in his aforementioned ramblings.”

    Somehow I don’t feel like I’ve helped your self-esteem.

    I like you!

    I must be sleep-deprived.

  2. Rembrand says:

    It’s definitely meant as a compliment! The hobo stands for ‘uninhibited creativity and honesty’. In my head anyway 😛

  3. WaffleHamster/Renkore/Loztein/Etc... says:

    Hobo Rambling is awesome, do you know how many AWESOME stories could come from just one Hobo’s Rambling? More than I dare count. At any rate, you should totally take that as a Compliment, after all some of the greatest Strategists of all Times were basically Hobos themselves.

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