Things I Saw At The Market Today:

Trannies, and parents, and brats…
Oh my.

And here’s some GN junk that I may end up not using:

So remember yesterday when I posted a pic of a new villain for the graphic novel project named Janet? She was to be one of the assassins going after my protagonist for some unknown reason. Originally, Janet was a young singer-songwriter snapped up by a record company and transformed overnight into a Lady Gaga-esque pop artist called Duchess Chekhov. Janet grew sick of having no creative control, faked her own death at a concert (which would be mentioned in the comic as a throw-away line in a news report), and started travelling from city to city singing and playing her own material (along with a few filthy rap songs re-done as soft acoustic guitar songs) on street corners and in coffee shops in order to find herself and regain .

Janet would run into the story’s Big Bad in one such coffee shop, promising her that if she killed a certain aspiring novelist, that he would somehow restore her credibility as an artist. Janet says yes, and hence, conflict.

Now I’m not really sure if I should keep this part or ditch it and write something else. Thoughts? Anyone?

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9 Responses to Things I Saw At The Market Today:

  1. Tara says:

    Those panels you don’t plan on using?? They look freaking awesome. USE THEM.

  2. Kevin says:

    I work at a grocery store, and one of the old truck drivers was a jittery pre-op trannie. It becomes a regular thing when you see them once a week for about 4 months, although I never seemed to get used to it….

  3. Garrett Perrella says:

    If you don’t use these panels it’d be a damn shame sir.

  4. Dorian says:

    That’s a pretty rad back-story, chum! Keep in mind, though, that with graphic novels it is often a good idea to not disclose too much story that isn’t necessary to the main narrative. Think Watchmen and how many good stories are hidden in there, but not explored completely. Maybe this character’s entire story, although glorious, could be hinted at without fully exposited…?

    Just an idea. In any case, I cannot wait for the book. Finish it!

    • Eh, yeah I just wanted to get people’s opinions on this part of the story. Someone said it was too Scott Pilgrim-y and that set me off worrying but I think I’m gonna keep it.

      I’m probably just going to delete the spoilerific portion here in a minute.

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