A Field Guide To Recognizing Your Hipsters pt. 1

This is sort of an idea I had bouncing around in my brainmeats the other day which started off as a bunch of doodles in my sketchbook that I did based off of various groups of people I’ve been seeing around. I’ve got a few more ideas for a future installment that I may do when I get around to it.

You most definitely are not a special snowflake.

Also, I’m thinking I’m gonna start updating at 12:01 am each day, Monday to Friday, since Friday’s traffic usually get shot to hell because I’ve been posting at 8-ish pm each night.

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11 Responses to A Field Guide To Recognizing Your Hipsters pt. 1

  1. Lee says:

    I have a rocker Pabstsmear living next door. Also, a douchy gay manwhore.

  2. Mr. Edens says:

    This is kick ass. I totally know each one in which you’re referring to. The middle one I haven’t had as much exposure to, but definitely the hippy-wannabe and the douche with tight pants in which I just want to throw him in a puddle and then toss him in a dryer to bust his balls.

  3. sinabun says:

    This makes me happy… some trendy chick wouldn’t shut up today, one topic was her knitting. Bulllllshit.

  4. Muhaha these are great. Are you planning on continuing this series? I’d definitely love to see more. The Doucheoise is especially funny.

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  6. Luna says:

    Kind of reminds me of yourscenesucks.com

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