No, sadly this is not an April Fool’s day strip. I went to Starbucks for a break because my eyes were about to fall out from thumbnailing all morning and I was coming out and who do I see heading into the Quizno’s next door?


or some poor bastard who lost a bet and had to dress as him for the day. And yes, there was a spit-take. Batman owes me a delicious coffee beverage.

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6 Responses to JOURNALIN COMIX: Drives Us Bats

  1. nixonagnew says:

    Well, I already told you I dig it, but since it’s not getting the love it deserves, I’ll comment here too. Nice work. Also, I wish I had seen it myself.

  2. jedwardedens says:

    That’s sorta like seeing a dude in a ski mask with a big bag with $$ on the side making a deposit at the bank.

  3. jedwardedens says:

    Oh and I was wondering if you were going to add an archive or something to access your older posts easier. Just curious.

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