JOURNALIN COMIX: Playing With Fire

The book in question

Larsson’s books have become fairly popular as of late (especially since his death) so it’s not like I was asking for some obscure 18th century book of poetry.

What part of the name “Steig Larsson” sounds remotely Japanese?

Why do you work in a book store when you have no knowledge of what you’re selling?

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8 Responses to JOURNALIN COMIX: Playing With Fire

  1. Lee says:

    Given current economy, expect many to work where they don’t understand what they’re selling. There’s a man-gay section?

  2. Garrett Perrella says:

    What a bitch

  3. jedwardedens says:

    She seriously didn’t know how to pronounce Manga? I don’t see any fucking Y at the end…I can’t stand people who are just morons of the English language. Even if you didn’t understand how to say it, a person who understood “English” would say it “Man-guh”…

    And then on the other hand it totally makes sense for it to be pronounced “Mang-guh” like we all know how to pronounce it. Just take the words…”Mang” and then “a” which could be pronounced “uh”.

    Bollocks people are tards.

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