More creepy Pokegear calls from Pokemon Soulsilver! This is the last strip on the subject I swear…
Unless Prof. Oak calls and threatens to molest a Psyduck in which case I am all over that shit.

And a quick drawing I did yesterday evening of my current team of Pokemon:

Montressor (Honchkrow)
Ted (Heracross)
Dresden (Typhlosion)
Mouse (SHINY Entei… bitch)
Deckard (Ampharos)

Not pictured: Ferrovax (Dragonite)

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6 Responses to JOURNALIN COMIX: BROkemon

  1. Angela says:

    What is this??? Do they have you give your number so they call you? Seriously? That’s… that’s so odd.

  2. Wrae Ann says:

    Is…is that Capital H? 😀

    Love your comic, stranger. ♥

  3. Dan says:

    mouse would definitely be the size of an entei

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